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Latvian National Museum of Art

The ‘19—20 Century Latvian Art’ offers a view on the entire history of Latvian art in 19 and 20 centuries. The exhibition includes the masterpieces of the founders of the Latvian national painting school — Vilhelms Purvītis, Jānis Rozentāls, Johans Valters.

The new exhibit hall is located underground, offering temporary exhibitions on current themes.
Riga Motor Museum

The museum exhibition has been created as a story about unique motor vehicles, prominent persons and the most important historical events in the automotive world.
Innumerable interactive elements have been installed throughout Riga Motor Museum, which will draw the attention of any child.    

Rundale Palace and Museum

The Rundāle Palace Museum works as a centre for research into Latvia's history, through creating collections, arranging exhibitions and producing publications.

The exhibition halls display applied art, fine art and historical expositions; the palace hosts the Early Music Festival and recitals of classical music.
Latvian Ethnographic Open-Air Museum

This museum is unique when compared to similar museums around the world with the fact that it began to collect its exhibitions before the war, and thus many of its exhibition objects are in very good condition.

118 historical buildings from all four of Latvia’s provinces – Kurzeme, Vidzeme, Zemgale and Latgale, have been put on display at the museum. The buildings range in age, and most of them were originally constructed between the 17th century up all the way up until the 1930s.
Bauska Castle

The Bauska Castle ensemble consists of two sections. Livonian Order Castle, built in the middle of the 15th century, is the oldest one - with only ruins remaining. A more recent part of the ensemble, built in the late 16th century, is the residence of the Kettlers, the Dukes of Courland.

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Latvian Consulate Coat Arms
Honorary Consulate Regions ;
Antalya, Burdur, Isparta, Denizli and Muğla
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